Thursday, March 10, 2011


Thank you to TopiaryDesigns for putting this treasury challenge together for our team. (She stepped in for Carrie, who have been experiencing some computer problems).

If you are totally new to treasuries check out Esty's FAQ on treasuries

Treasuries are great marketing tools. Not only are treasuries selected for the front page they also browsed by thousands of customers everyday. There are currently 22,641 pages of treasuries with 20 treasuries per page, that's 452,820 treasuries! So it's extremely easy to for any treasury you create or that you are featured in to get lost. But we have a secret weapon! We have a team of over 1,100 members to help push our treasuries to the top pages!

Treasuries are listed by "hotness" not by creation date. Hotness is determined by how much activity a treasury generates, views, clicks and comments. With 1,100+ people and all their Facebook friends and Twitter followers to visit our team treasuries we can generate lots of activity pushing our treasuries to the first pages!

So that makes our treasuries easy to find but are they front page worthy? Will Etsy pick it to be featured? You don't have to be a mind reader to figure out what Etsy is looking for. They tell you! If you haven't found the merchandising desk yet head over and take a look. The link is below. In addition to the desk Etsy will send you emails telling you what they are interested in! The link to sign up is also listed below.

If you build your treasury around one of their trends it is more likely to be selected. And DON'T feature yourself! Treasuries are about sharing the love.

But at the end of the day it needs to be beautiful. Don't just pick random items from team member shops. Compose your treasury around a color, theme, season or story. Here's an Etsy Storque article about how to curate an amazing treasury. www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/how-to-make-a-great-treasury-list-671/

So before we begin the challenge, please tag ALL items in your shop that you would like to have other EE TEAM members be able to find in a search for items to put in their treasuries. (You can tag a few items or all items in your shop if you want).

1.Check out Etsy's Merchandising Desk. www.etsy.com/storque/search/title/merchandising/
2. Sign up for at least one Etsy newsletter www.etsy.com/mailinglist
3. Create a treasury based around a current trend Etsy has promoted on the merchandising desk or one of the email newsletters using at least 8 items from Etsy Entrepreneurs Team members.
4. Tag your treasury with the tag EE TEAM, EtsyTeam and Entrepreneurs
5. Send a convo to every seller featured in your treasury letting them know you've featured their item and asking them to come take a look.
6. Maintain your treasury by revisiting at least once a day to replace any items that have sold and respond to comments.
7. Comment on every treasury you are featured in.
8. Comment on at least 10 Etsy Entrepreneurs team treasuries you are not featured in. You can find them be searching Treasury for the tag EE TEAM
9. Promote your treasury and the ones you are featured in on any platforms you can, Facebook, your blog, Twitter. Etsy gives extra brownie points for using the tag #EtsyTeamTreasury on Twitter. I don't tweet so I hope that makes sense to those of you who do!

All right, when you are done with your treasury, please post them here so that all of our team members can view it, comment, click, tweet, blog, FB, etc..

We have over 1000 members, and if each of us make at least 1 treasury to share and then click on each other's treasuries, just imagine the amount of exposure that we all would get! I'm so excited just thinking about it. This challenge will last for about 1 week to 1.5 weeks. I want to give people enough time to tag all of their items and then make treasuries of items that they find.
Okay, let's have FUN!


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