Saturday, March 5, 2011


The team love is already starting to pour in with treasuries featuring our lovely and talented members. I've even seen a post or two with some questions about how treasuries work and what their value is so I thought I'd create a thread where we can all share our tips and techniques for creating successful treasuries. This first post is going to be long but I promise it's worth reading.

1. The value of treasuries: The main value of treasuries is exposure. But now that there are thousands of treasuries the exposure can be very limited. The Etsy team does select from member created treasuries for the front page but they aren't going to search down to page 57 to find them. You want your treasuries to make it into the first ten pages if possible. The question is, how to do that? You want as many views, clicks and comments as possible! Here are tips on how to achieve that.

2. Treasuries are searchable! You can search by your shop name to see any treasuries you have been featured in or created. The activity feature does show you treasuries you have created or been featured in as well but lately I've been experiencing a sporadic delay of 12-24 hours so I search the treasuries at least twice a day. Always always comment at least once on any treasury you're featured in. If you created the treasury respond to the comments you receive.

3. Tag you treasuries! The tags you use are also searchable. You want to tag treasuries as much as possible. Always tag treasuries featuring your team mates with the tag Etsy Entrepreneurs!!!! We are blessed with an enormous team. If half our team commented on your treasury it would have 500 comments. Also use a any trend tags Etsy Finds has been sending out in their emails. This is what the Etsy team is currently interested and is likely to search for when picking the front page. You want to use color tags, theme tags, style tags, season tags etc.

4. Composing a treasury. The Etsy team doesn't always just pick the hottest, most commented on treasury. The are looking for a beautiful well composed treasury. Select your items with care, compose them around a color, style, trend or subject. Include a variety categories, jewelry, home decor, paper goods, clothing, photography, painting etc. Also Etsy will not select your treasury if you feature yourself!

5. Using team love. We have an enormous out pouring of enthusiasm right now. To harness that on treasuries we should all take a few minutes a day to search the treasuries for "Etsy Entrepreneurs" and give those treasuries some love. If you've created a treasury but didn't use that tag don't worry! You can go back in and add it! That way the entire team can find and support the treasury even if they aren't featured.

If you have any tips I didn't include please post them!

Thank you to our member TopiaryDesigns for this wonderful post!


  1. OK, I have been avoiding treasuries like the plague. After your post I decided to make one.


    I learned a LOT OF VALUABLE INFO while doing this.
    1) I would not choose an item if it had a superimposed logo or name on it
    2) I obviously would not choose bad photos that are underexposed, even if I loved the item
    3) I would not choose items that had a distracting background
    This has made me totally rethink all of my own photos. I now have a better perspective on how an item photo will work (or not work) for a treasury. Searching things for myself also gives me a new perspective on what kind of tags I can use. (Such as ideas, feelings or time period)
    GREAT POST & A GREAT EXERCISE FOR ME to benefit my shop. OOPS, now I have to make one featuring all Etsy Entrepreneur shops!!!!

    Stephie D