Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I noticed that ThePeppermintTree is one of EE team members and I wanted to warn you about this buyer and seller. I do not want for her to take advantage of other Etsy buyers and sellers on your team.
This particular individual used to be a buyer on Etsy by the name of BrenBooneDesigns. She is now operating under a new username: ThePeppermintTree.

On February 13, she purchased one of my items for almost $50. On February 2011, she wrote positive feedback for me that she had received this item and was very happy with it. Soon afterwards, I wrote positive feedback for her because she had paid for this item in a timely manner and had written what seemed to be genuine positive feedback. I strongly regret giving her positive feedback now, but unfortunately it is too late.

On April 2011, I received an email from PayPal saying that this buyer claimed that she had never made this purchase and that someone was using her credit card in fraud for this item. Soon afterwards, I received an email from PayPal saying that the buyer's credit card company had reversed the charges and that I was being withheld the $50.I tried contacting her 3 different times regarding this problem and never got a reply. I noticed shortly after receiving the PayPal emails that she no longer had a shop under the user name of BrenBooneDesigns. I have 3 pieces of evidence against her:
1. I have a copy of the original transaction
2. I have a copy of the postal receipt
3. I have her positive feedback as part of my feedback history in my store.

PayPal said that it could take up to 75 days for the buyer's credit card company to make a final decision whether to rule in her or my favor.
Today, May 20, I received an email from PayPal saying that the credit card company decided to rule in her favor, despite all the evidence that I had produced against her.

She has a Facebook page under Bren Boone Designs:
on this page, she has linked it to her new Etsy shop that she just opened on May 13, 2011: ThePeppermintTree.

I can't help but wonder why her original account, BrenBooneDesigns, was suddenly removed from Etsy. I have now noticed that her new shop, ThePeppermintTree, is "on vacation." It seems suspect to me that if she just opened this shop on May 13, that she would be putting her shop on hold this soon afterwards. It also makes me wonder because her last sold item was on May 19, 9 days ago.

I would be happy to send you copies of the transaction, the original positive feedback, etc as evidence. I also have the various PayPal emails saved.
If she did this to me, I'm pretty sure that she has probably tried doing this to other Etsy sellers as well.

Beware of this person!
Please contact me with any questions or additional information that you might have regarding this individual.

I simply feel like this person has probably gotten away with her unethical practices too many times.

I actually did call PayPal and spoke to someone very nice. But he told me that PP was not the one to make the final decision...it is up to the buyer's credit card company. They said they didn't want to become "involved" in this incident, yet was going to charge me a $20 fee just for intervening. Fortunately the guy must have felt somewhat sorry for me because he waived that fee (since the total amount was only about $50). But I was less than happy with the way PP dealt with this.

I have tried contacting Etsy several times about this buyer but never get a reply other than their generic email saying that a "real person" will contact me asap. Not so!

I have a feeling that she is a real con artist. Often times people who suddenly disappear from Etsy and then come back with a different user name are suspect. And that is exactly what she did.

I have not mentioned her name in any of my FB pages, blog, etc. And I don't want to get in trouble with Etsy for "calling out" and possible retaliation from this particular individual.

But I'm very glad to hear that you have taken this seriously, because Etsy and PayPal certainly have not.

I've tried contacting Etsy several times regarding this person but have not gotten anywhere with them. My first email to them was over a week ago. I sent them another one a few days ago and absolutely nothing.
I find that all these comment on her FB page about welcoming her to the EE team were strange and suspect.

Interestingly enough, when I search for her under "seller search" on Etsy, nothing comes up. I've only been able to link to her Etsy site via her FB fan page. Something very fishy is going on here.

This is VERY strange. Because earlier tonight she was a part of your team. Now she isn't. This is really bizarre.

Now this is really strange ...I found just about all of the comments from other EE team members welcoming her have just been deleted! We both saw all the comments, but now they are gone (at least I can't see them).

Something very strange is going on here.

Yes, she used to have another shop on Etsy by the name of BrenBooneDesigns. That one is no longer in existence. I noticed that she quit that shop soon after she filed that false claim to me via PayPal.

She also has a personal FB page:

I didn't find much info here (unless you become a friend, I think most of it is hidden). But that is her personal site and she also has a blog.

**Anonymous** The victim have asked not to have her name or etsy id exposed due to fear of retaliation from the con artist.
If you have been a victim of an online scam yourself, please write to us and we will post here:
Online Scams- Protect Yourself


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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


10 minute treasury challenge:

Create an EE Team treasury within ten minutes using EE team members products! In this challenge you will choose whatever products your eyes are drawn to first to include in your treasury.

1. In a new tab, search for the words "eeteam" and/or "etsy entrepreneurs" for our team members items.

2. Select one or two items per page that your eyes are naturally drawn to. Feel free to skip pages, go back and forth, start from the end, etc. because there are tons of items! Since there is only 10 minutes there is little time to choose a theme, but if one happens that's amazing!

3. It's fine if it takes longer than 10 minutes; just try to do it as fast as you can.

4. Tag your treasury with 10 minute challenge, and ee team/etsy entrepreneur team.

5. Send a message to all members with your featured items to let them know they should check it out, share, and comment.

6. Post your treasury to the 10 minute challenge discussion as well as your twitter, facebook, and blogs for all to see!

Good luck!
When you are done, please post your finished treasury in this thread for other members to see, share, and click. Thank you for your participation!

Monday, May 2, 2011


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