Please feel free to post your store coupon codes here and they will be sorted according to shop categories.  If you sell in more than 1 category, please just pick 1.  We want to be fair to all shops. 

Only coupon codes that DO NOT expire will be posted here. Please do not post coupons that have expiration dates, or temporary sales of any kind. We want to keep our page current and up to date. If you make any changes to your coupon codes or current discounts, sales, and promotions, please notify one of our leaders ASAP! or comment on this page, so that we can make the changes immediately. Failure to follow these rules will deny your shop the rights to be featured on this blog.

What can be posted?
Coupon Codes: Percentage Off Coupons or Dollar $ Amount Coupons
Shop Promotions: (Including Free Shipping and Discounted Shipping)
Discounts: BOGO SALES (Buy One Get One Free, Buy 3 get 1 free ect...)

You may post more than 1 coupon codes, promotions, and discounts; as long as none of them expires.
**Coupon Codes, Promotions, and Discounts can be from your Etsy shop, Artfire shop, etc... as long as you are a member of our team**

How to post your Info:
1. What category do you sell? Examples: Supplies, Jewelry, Vintage, Crochet, etc... **Only 1 Category per shop please! If you sell in more than 1 categories, please just pick 1. 
2. Your Shop Name & URL (links, including the http://www.shopname.etsy.com or http://www.shopname.com)
3. A picture of an item or group of items that show what you have on sale.

**We have been getting a good amount of submissions, so please be patience while we update our blog.  Thank you**