Hello Everyone,
We have so many changes and updates to announce:
1. We now have a team email list for a more efficient and productive way for our team leaders to communicate with you (our members): please email us your email address to: EtsyEntrepreneurs@gmail.com
To read more about this: www.etsy.com/teams/7978/etsy-entrepreneurs/discuss/8526909/

2. We now have so many ways to help our members get Free Marketing, More Exposure, and help your shop get noticed!
We have a NEW Blog Roll on our team blog for all of our members to have their blogs and articles get added and linked to from our team blog. To submit your blog for the blog roll, please email us your blog URL (so that it can be added).
Please email your blog url to: EtsyEntrepreneurs@gmail.com

3. We now have an official Team Domain name for you to use, spread it around, and share. Giving our members more credibility and exposure. The more you share our team name around, it builds trust for our customers.
Feel free to put this in any of your marketing materials, profile, etc...
You should feel proud to be part of this wonderful team. Because we don't tolerate any scammers, con artists, or unethical business practices.

4. We are in the process of organizing a team coupon page for all of our members to share their shop coupons:
Please follow this link and please follow all of the instructions for submission:
Please send all submission to our email address: EtsyEntrepreneurs@gmail.com

5. We have Free Marketing Opportunities for you to get more exposure (a chance to be FEATURED on our blog).
Please follow this link for more details and submission procedures: