Thursday, March 8, 2012


For way to long the Etsy community has been taking screen shots of Etsy treasuries to show them off on our blogs. Martin from Whale Shark Websites has made our lives so much easier! He has created a very simple tool that allows you to place any Etsy treasury on a blog or webpage. You will notice that everything that is clickable in an Etsy treasury is clickable on this Etsy Treasury Blog version.
Simple install instructions:
1. First find a treasury you want to feature.
2. Locate the Etsy Treasury ID
Etsy treasury id number
3. Head over to Etsy treasury HTML code generator
4. Copy and paste the Etsy Treasury id number in the box.
Etsy treasury code generator
5. Pick what you want the layout of the treasury you want. You can pick different number of columns and the size of the pictures.
6. Hit the generate code button and your preview and code will show below.
7. Here is what the Treasury html will look like. Click in the box and hit “control a” to ensure you copy all the code.
Etsy treasury html code
8. Head over to your blog and paste the code where you want the treasury to show up. Make sure you are in the html tab before you paste your code.
Blogger will look like this:
etsy treasury blogger
(source: http://www.handmadeology.com/quickly-add-any-etsy-treasury-to-your-blog-or-webpage/)
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