Tuesday, May 17, 2011


10 minute treasury challenge:

Create an EE Team treasury within ten minutes using EE team members products! In this challenge you will choose whatever products your eyes are drawn to first to include in your treasury.

1. In a new tab, search for the words "eeteam" and/or "etsy entrepreneurs" for our team members items.

2. Select one or two items per page that your eyes are naturally drawn to. Feel free to skip pages, go back and forth, start from the end, etc. because there are tons of items! Since there is only 10 minutes there is little time to choose a theme, but if one happens that's amazing!

3. It's fine if it takes longer than 10 minutes; just try to do it as fast as you can.

4. Tag your treasury with 10 minute challenge, and ee team/etsy entrepreneur team.

5. Send a message to all members with your featured items to let them know they should check it out, share, and comment.

6. Post your treasury to the 10 minute challenge discussion as well as your twitter, facebook, and blogs for all to see!

Good luck!
When you are done, please post your finished treasury in this thread for other members to see, share, and click. Thank you for your participation!

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