Thursday, June 16, 2011


Congratulations to
Christine Pankow
Lansing, Michigan
With Any Man Can Be A Father, But It Takes A Special Person To Be A Dad

I have always loved art. I was always drawing, painting, sewing and making things as a girl. I love collecting pretty stones, beads, glass and shells. I got started making jewelry over 10 years ago for gifts for people. It seemed like a more personal and appreciated gift to give, a wearable, handmade gift. It also cost me less than what I was able to buy. Recently people were asking the recipients where they got the jewelry and started requesting it.  I decided to open my shop on Etsy! I really love to make jewelry for other people. I love how it makes people feel special. Every time I get an idea and complete it and then see someone wearing it is such an awesome feeling!
It seemed like perfect timing to start my business because it is something I can do while working around my children's many activities. I always have my travel kits with me to work on my jewelry everywhere that I go. 
What inspired your Father’s Day challenge treasury?
What inspired my Father’s Day Treasury was the quote “Any man can be a father but it takes a special person to be  a dad.” Almost every day I look up quotes by inspirational people of the past and post them on my Facebook page to encourage others.  I decided to look up quotes for Father’s Day to get ideas for my treasury and then started looking for things that made an impression on me, and that fit all different kinds of dads.  The black and white theme started after I chose a few Etsy Entrepreneur items, so I stayed with it, hoping to make an impact and get these shops noticed.
What Father or Male Figure in your life inspired you?
My father, Paul Desens, has always been a dear person and an inspiration to me. He always encouraged me to do things and made opportunities for me to be able to advance my skills. I am very thankful for him and try to make the most of every day that I can hear his voice on Skype or on the phone.  I try to never take anyone or anything for granted. Time is precious and every moment is a gift.

What items do you like seeing/buying on Etsy for male shoppers?
I think a lot of men like jewelry too so I was happy to find so many cool pieces of jewelry for men on Etsy. 
What items would you like to see in your shop geared toward fathers or male buyers?
My son helped me pick out crosses and chain to make necklaces for his friends for their Confirmation Day in May. This  has made me think  of ways to incorporate more masculine bracelets and necklaces into my shop.

Congrats to all and remember to share the love!


  1. Very cool! Congrats! Your shop looks lovely!

    Feel free to visit my Etsy shop!

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